Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The dreaded glucose test

This morning I had my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes, sound like fun?
Your right it wasn't. Here is a list of tips for making it a little easier:

1. Arrive early! I rocked up 15min before the clinic opened expecting to be the first
person there, apparently three other people were thinking the same thing and were
more committed to the idea.

2. Drink water, as I understood the fasting deal was a no food or water from midnight
type of thing, however after wiggling the needle around in my arm for way too long the
nurse asked..."have you been drinking plenty of water" um no, no I haven't and I'm
betting this process could only be quicker and less painful if i had?

3.Bring reading material separate to your iPhone, what if they don't have reception??
and you didn't bring a book? All of a sudden that two hours in the waiting room is
going to feel like four.

4. I had been warned about this horrific dishwasher liquid tasting drink I would be
forced to drink liters of, it didn't taste that bad at all and it was only a little bottle
that you can take 5 mins to finish (thought i would finish on a positive note)

In other news......27 weeks today! My friend has a little girl and called her Lenny,
possibly the cutest name EVER!


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