Thursday, 12 April 2012

Here comes the sun....again!

Just when I though the warm weather in Melbourne was well and truly over the sun comes
back out!! It feel like we are having some sort of bonus round, but I'm not complaining.
I have officially reached 30 weeks!! That combined with a trip to the hospital to meet my
friends baby yesterday has definitely ramped up my "OMG I'm actually having a baby"
moments, you would think I was pretty used to the idea by now but I still find that sometimes
it takes me by surprise, I wonder if all first time mums experience this?
I have been spending a bit of time at Tafe, the rings pictured below are a little something I
whipped up, I'm all about the pinky ring right now.

How cool is this vaguely Australiana necklace! a gift from my friend Harriet over at Textile and Terrain.


  1. girl - you look AMAZING!

    and yes - I had the 'OMG I am having a baby moments' all the way up to when I was in labour lol

  2. Thanks so much for popping by! You have such a lovely space here, good luck with your quilt x