Monday, 2 April 2012

Hot Cross Yum

Getting my Easter bake on. I am officially calling myself the victor in my battle against the oven!
They taste a little more like a scone than a traditional bun, but I'm just happy they are not burnt.

I LOVE hot cross buns, I have been doing a bit of a taste test around town, so far the results:
1.Philippa's, spicy lots of fruit, perfect texture (How great is the store she has opened in Melbourne city, yum!!)
2. Natural Tucker Bakery on Nicholson st, this is a VERY close second, a little less spice than number one but big, fluffy with a yummy jammy glaze and absolutely delicious.
3. Sugar Dough, a little bit to dense and small but very tasty
4. Coles (had to be tried for comparisons sake) Cheap and cheerful but not much fruit or spice.
5. Brumbies- fruit....terrible (needed to be toasted and smothered with nutella :)
6. Brumbies- choc chip....even more terrible (tasted like chemicals)
#I have not had a Dench (North Fitzroy) bun yet this year but last year they were my number one.


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